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2 June 2016 | 08:30 – 18:00

On the 2nd of June, Canton of Zug and EastWest Institute of New York will co-host the inaugural Impact Summit Zug at the Theater Casino in Zug.

Dr. Matthias Michel, Minister of Canton of Zug, will open the Impact Summit followed by speeches from renowned international thought leaders, impact investment fund managers, social entrepreneurs, independent asset managers, global banks, family offices, NGOs, foundations and technology leaders.

This speakers’ forum provides you with a diverse range of speeches on investment, entrepreneurial and socio-political topics emphasising social and environmental investment opportunities through the application of financial and entrepreneurial skills and practices.

We aim is to make Switzerland centre for impactful business and finance.




JOHANN GEVERS, Founder and CEO, Monetas

Half the world — over 3 billion adults — has no access to formal financial services, severely limiting their ability to generate wealth and raise their quality of life. New cryptofinance technologies such as the blockchain are all over the news and rapidly gaining traction. What exactly are these new technologies, and how can they help us build a more inclusive financial system that benefits everyone? Johann Gevers, a cryptofinance entrepreneur and visionary thought leader, will describe the cryptofinance revolution, and how it will create vast new economic opportunities and unprecedented social freedom.


ROBERT RUBINSTEIN, Founder & Chairman TBLI Group

Triple Bottom Line Group (TBLI) is about creating an inclusive values-based

economy. The aim is to maximise investment flows into sustainable businesses and initiatives by highlighting the benefits of triple bottom line investing. TBLI CONFERENCE™ is the longest-running global forum, held in Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America, bringing together investors, asset managers and thought leaders in sustainable finance. Robert Rubinstein,  the  CEO  of  TBLI  GROUP,  has  been  instrumental  in  integrating ESG and TBLI into the culture and strategy of international corporate business and investment  companies.  He  has  taught  courses  in  sustainable  finance  at  the Rotterdam  School  of  Management  and  currently  delivers  lectures  at  international Business Schools and universities.

Robert Rubinstein will give us an overview of how the values-based economy has developed over the last 15 years and what its current opportunities and challenges are.


The Summit is honoured to have attracted so many excellent speakers from a wide range of sectors. This Speaker Forum highlights how financial institutions, enterprises, Government and NGOs embrace the notion of social and environmental impact in their daily businesses and missions.

Small Canton - Big Impact

Dr. Matthias Michel, Minister
Minister of Economic Affairs
Canton of Zug

The Age of Cryptofinance - How Cryptofinance Will Transform the World

Mr. Johann Gevers
Founder & CEO, Monetas

Evolution of Impact through Impact - Current Opportunities and Challenges

Mr. Robert Rubinstein
Founder & Chairman, TBLI Group

Scaling Up Impact in Emerging Markets

Mrs. Yvonne Bakkum
Managing Director, 
FMO Investment Management B.V.

Banking Management, Economy and Ecology

Mr. Michael Borshchevsky
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Herald of Europe

Local Public-Private Collaboration Model for Resource Efficiency

Dr. Paola De Coppi, Head Resources, Zug
WERZ Institut für Wissen, Energie und Rohstoffe

Investing In A Time of Climate Change

Mrs. Katya Nikitenko
Finance Campaigner, 
Greenpeace Schweiz

Panel Discussion: Impact Investing for Institutional Investors

Dr. Ingeborg Schumacher-Hummel
Member of the Board, 
Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen

Business Case: Ammado AG | Scaling Giving With Software Innovation

Mr. Peter Conlon
Co-Founder and CEO, 
ammado AG

Swiss Legal Aspects of Direct Impact Investment

Mr. Michael Mosimann
Attorney at Law, LL.M. 
Wenger & Vieli AG

Business Showcase - Go! Aviation

Jorma Kario
Sustainable Aviation


Small Money - Big Impact

Mr. Patrick Elmer
Head of Business Development, Blue Orchard

From Local Start-up to IPO

Mrs. Els Boerhof
Partner, Goodwell Investments B.V.

Electric Vehicle Charging - Global Trends in Infrastructure

Mr. Urs Waelchli
Vice President, 
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, ABB Ltd

Outline of the Impact Fund Landscape

Dr. Andreas Nilsson
Founder, Sonanz GmbH

Sustainable investments: Creating performance and impact with sustainability

Dr. Jan Amrit Poser
Head Asset Management, Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG

Early Stage Investing as an Asset Class

Mr. André Delafontaine
Go Beyond Investing AG & Business School Lausanne

Enabling Impact Through Early Stage Investing

WORKSHOP with André Delafontaine
Go Beyond Investing AG & Business School Lausanne

Innovation and the Hacker Culture

Mr. Marco Ricca
Ethical Hacker & Entrepreneur, 
Laissez-Faire Institute

Business Case: Monetas | Rolling Out The Next Generation Of Mobile Financial Services Across Africa

Mr. Vitus Ammann
CMO, Monetas

How To Make Sustainable Impact Happen

Mr. Andreas Dudas
Swiss Impact Enablers

CANCELLED! Social Impact Bond for Education

Mr. Mirjam Schöning
The LEGO Foundation

This contribution has unfortunately been cancelled!



2nd June 2016
08:00 - 19:00
Theater Casino Zug, Artherstrasse 2-4, 6300 Zug, Switzerland