Sveta Banerjee

    Sveta Banerjee is Board Member of SIIA, TEDx speaker, TV-Presenter, Founder and Managing Director of Impact Investing School and Impact Community Camomile, Co-Founder and President of Galileo International Impact Investing Centre and Board Member of SIIA (Swiss Impact Investment Association).

    Sveta is the Impact Investing & Sustainable Finance Ambassador of the Diplomatic World Institute. She is an impact investing expert and is actively raising awareness and educating various stakeholders about this topic around the world with the main purpose to transform finance into the force for good. “Moving private capital into impact investing will help to solve social and environmental challenges and add meaning, purpose, and inspiration to the actors from the financial sector”.

    Sveta is a keynote speaker, trainer and guest lecturer. She has nearly a decade of experience in Swiss Financial Sector as client advisor and investment specialist for reputable Swiss and international institutions (Société Generale, J.Safra Sarasin). Sveta has in-depth experience in fundraising, project management and acts as finance coach and strategic advisor for social entrepreneurs.