SIIA is a non-profit association in Zug with a mission to showcase investments and companies with societal impact.

SIIA is a platform for best practice impact investments.

SIIA seeks credible risk, return and impact investment opportunities to showcase.

SIIA encourages all stakeholders to jointly develop a narrative for impact investment for society to adopt.


We are the globally leading network in impact investing and establish Switzerland as the epicenter.

SIIA envisions a society in which the quest for economic profit solves rather than creates social and environmental pressure.

Entrepreneurship, capital, and impact are essential ingredients for a prosperous society and healthy economy.

Entrepreneurs and investors matter more than ever because they choose the purpose of the businesses they run and financially support.


  • Ben Banerjee

    Ben Banerjee is Co-founder and President of SIIA.  Next to that he is in the Board of Counselor at East West Institute and is a writer and guest teacher at couple of Universities.

    He has been engaged in the field of Impact Investments and Sustainable financing projects for more than 20 years, out of various national and multinational enterprises.

  • Dr. Nicoleta Acatrinei
    Dr. Nicoleta Acatrinei

    Dr. Nicoleta Acatrinei is a distinguished Advisory Board Member of  SIIA. With a formidable background in economics and a career that blossomed in the world of banking, she embarked on a groundbreaking academic voyage, challenging conventional notions across diverse fields such as public policies, sustainable finance, anthropology, moral decision-making, and digital transformation.

    Dr. Acatrinei is a trailblazer and thought leader, with a portfolio of impactful works that have redefined paradigms in the field. Her pioneering research, coupled with her multidisciplinary expertise, positions her as a pivotal figure in the pursuit of impactful and sustainable economic practices. In her role as an Advisory Board Member of SIIA, Dr. Acatrinei continues to illuminate the path towards responsible and sustainable investment. Her visionary insights and wealth of knowledge guide the association’s strategic direction, ensuring that finance and impact coalesce harmoniously for the betterment of society.

  • Dr. Chistian Kingombe
    Dr. Chistian Kingombe

    Dr. Christian Kingombe is an Advisor to the Board of SIIA and Co-Founding Managing Partner of 4IP Group LLC.
    As Advisor to the Board of SIIA, he wants to make a difference by promoting private finance for the SDGs in developing countries, supporting the sector nationally and internationally, and positioning Switzerland as a leading financial center for SDG financing in Africa. Christian is currently founding an SIIA Working Group in Suisse Romande, aimed at organizing private Investor Circles consisting of Geneva-based Asset Managers interested in impact investing in Emerging Markets, particularly tailored to African Countries. Via its collaboration with Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) and the Global Steering Group for Impact Investing (GSGII), SIIA will support these AMs with expert advice on impact investment topics.

Advisory Board

  • Enrique Videla

    Enrique Videla is Board Member of SIIA. He is responsible for our communication and Strategy as well as for our Membership and Sponsoring programs.

    I believe that every individual has a personal responsibility to make a contribution towards the creation of a better and worthwhile world. Revolutions won’t help…, evolution, careful planning and a mindful investment and consumption behaviour will!” …

  • Sveta Banerjee

    Sveta Banerjee is Board Member of SIIA, TEDx speaker, TV-Presenter, Founder and Managing Director of Impact Investing School and Impact Community Camomile, Co-Founder and President of Galileo International Impact Investing Centre and Board Member of SIIA (Swiss Impact Investment Association).

    Sveta is the Impact Investing & Sustainable Finance Ambassador of the Diplomatic World Institute. She is an impact investing expert and is actively raising awareness and educating various stakeholders about this topic around the world with the main purpose to transform finance into the force for good.

  • Deniz N. Erkus

    Deniz Erkus, CFA is a Board Member of SIIA and the Managing Partner of SiDeMi Business Consulting GmbH. She is a senior strategic and financial advisor in the finance and investment industries with a multi-cultural and international background.

    “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”


  • Marcel Schaad
    Marcel Schaad

    Marcel Schaad, is valued member of Advisory Board Member of SIIA.

    As a lawyer specializing in mergers & acquisitions, Marcel’s expertise is unmatched. He is a member of the Quality Examination Commission for Federal Examinations in Facility Management and has authored several specialist articles in prominent publications like NZZ and Real Estate Business. Marcel’s leadership is marked by solution-oriented, entrepreneurial thinking and a focus on empowerment. He excels in decision-making and communication, making him a formidable leader. Marcel Schaad thrives on tackling new and complex challenges, and his commitment to SIIA’s mission is unwavering. We are privileged to have him as a driving force on our Advisory board.