SIIA is a non-profit association in Zug with a mission to showcase investments and companies with societal impact.

SIIA is a platform for best practice impact investments.

SIIA seek credible risk, return and impact investment opportunities to showcase.

SIIA encourages all stakeholders to jointly develop a narrative for impact investment for society to adopt.


SIIA envision a society in which the quest for economic profit solves rather than creates social and environmental pressure.

Entrepreneurship, capital, and impact are essential ingredients for a prosperous society and healthy economy.

Entrepreneurs and investors matter more than ever because they choose the purpose of the businesses they run and financially support.


  • Klaus-Michael

    Klaus-Michael Christensen is President and co-founder of Swiss Impact Investment Association. Klaus-Michael envisions that “Impact” will become the third standard criteria for taking investments decisions in the future, alongside risk and return.

  • Ben

    Ben Banerjee is co-founder of Swiss Impact Investment Association. Next to that he is in the Board of Counselor at East West Institute and is a writer and guest teacher at couple of Universities. He has been busy in the field of Impact Investments and Sustainable financing projects for more than 20 years, out of various national and multinational enterprises.

  • Elmar

    Elmar Meyer, Founder and CEO at Lexpert Partners AG, formerly Partner of the Legal Firm GHM Partners AG. His main activities are to advise Swiss and foreign banks, asset managers and family offices in all legal and regulatory areas.

Operational Team

  • Madeleine Salzmann

    Event Coordination & Administration

    „My drive and motivation to be part of the Swiss Impact Investment Association -SIIA- is to make a valuable contribution to an ecologically friendly, healthy and socially fair world“. …